Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Extra blank page when Save to PDF from SQL Reporting Service

When you save a report as PDF from Sql Reporting Services, you might see an extra blank page in between the pages in the report. This is due to the actual print out size exceed the page size that is specified.

For example, you specify your report size to be width (11 in) x height (8.5 in) which is a A4 size. However in the body of the report, you might have specify (intentionally or unintentionally) the size to be larger than that. When you save the report to PDF, you will see a blank page because the report size actually run over the page size.

To solve this problem, make sure you check the Size and Margin property of both the Report and Body (you can access this from the properties window).

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Visual Basic Divide operator

For non profressional Visual Basic developer it might not be apparent that VB has two divide operator.

The first divide operator which is more commonly used is '/'. This operator will return the result with decimal
if the number being divided (also call dividend)
cannot be fully divide by the divisor.

The second divide operator '\', which is also called integer division will always return the result (also call Quotient) in integer.

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